How do I know I have a yeast infection?


Did you know 3 out of 4 women will get a yeast infection in their lifetime? Many will get more than one. The good news for women—especially those who experience more than one—is you may be able to diagnose and treat a yeast infection from home.

Diagnosing a Yeast Infection: Signs to Look for:[…]

How do I know I have a yeast infection?2022-11-28T08:30:58+00:00

5 Ways Stress can impact your Vaginal Health


When we experience anxiety, it can throw off the levels of healthy and unhealthy bacteria in the vagina, known as the pH balance. This may result in a vaginal infection, known as bacterial vaginosis.

The disturbance in your vaginal ecosystem due to stress can pave way for several intimate-health and gynecological issues:[…]

5 Ways Stress can impact your Vaginal Health2022-11-14T05:17:42+00:00

How can I avoid getting vaginitis?


Everyone’s body is different, so the things that lead to vaginitis for some people don’t always cause problems for others. But in general, anything that changes the chemical balance in your vagina ...

How can I avoid getting vaginitis?2022-10-29T09:39:11+00:00
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